Bank Of Columbia Make the jump into Online Bill Pay
Make the leap
into Online Bill Pay
It's a better way to pay all your bills. Get Started Today:

Bank Of Columbia's Online Bill Pay is the easier, faster and safer way to pay all your bills. Hop into the convenience of paying all your bills from one secure website and gain greater control over both your time and your finances.

With Bank Of Columbia's Online Bill Pay, you get:

  • Control - Unlike auto-debit, you can change, edit, or stop pending payments
  • Convenience - Pay anyone who you normally pay by check
  • Organization - Manage all your payments from one convenient location


Login to Online Banking at to get started.

It's easy to start paying all your bills today.

  1. Go to and login to Online Banking to access Bill Pay
  2. Pick the bill you want to pay
  3. Enter your bill info
  4. Choose when and how much